Known as one of the well preserved medieval towns in Europe, Bruges is every traveler’s dream. This small town is filled with countless attractions like visiting chocolate shops, going on a boat ride, and many more. Just in case you happen to visit this town, I have selected some of the most recommended places for you. So here is a list of places that will provide you with an opportunity to closely observe Bruges’ rich history and culture.

Salvador Dali’s Exhibition
Salvador Dali was a painter and was famous for showing his character and vision through surreal moving artwork. This museum is located in a building called Belfry, which is among the well-known buildings in Bruges. People come here to admire and appreciate his drawings, sculptures, and graphic works. The audiovisual experience here is considered to be one of the best and hence should not be missed. 

Burg Square
Walking down the cobbled streets of this town, you might suddenly find yourself standing at the Burg Square marveling the buildings and architecture around, some of which dates back to the 2nd century. So standing here and watching around, you can experience the evolution of the architecture here. One of the most famous buildings here is the Bruges City Hall. It dates back to the 15th century and holds statues of the rulers of Flanders. 

Canals Of Bruges
One of the best ways to explore Bruges is to take a boat ride. To experience the canals and the beautiful buildings along the water, the canal tours are perfect and the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The boat guide pointed out sights and answering questions for us along the way. Your boat ride will take you to the major parts of the city. You can also use this time to relax and recover from all the walking you might have done around Bruges. 

Chocolate Shops
Belgium is well known all over the world for its delicious chocolates. So if you are in Belgium, you can’t miss out on your chance to visit the ‘Old Chocolate House’ in Bruges. This is a well known local chocolate shop. While here, ask them for their specials. Besides this shop, there are other well-known shops too like ‘Oliver’s Chocolate’ and ‘The Chocolate Line’. 

The Half Moon Brewery
The Half Moon is one of the most traditional bakeries that you will find in Belgium. If you are a beer lover, you just can’t miss a chance to visit this place. Here you can take a tour of the brewery and know about the entire process of beer making. The brewery tour is usually very interesting. You can ask the brewer, questions about anything related to beer. You can also interact with like-minded people sipping some of their delicious beer.

Bruges Market
Bruges market is a nice place to glance at the past. Flocked with tourists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, you can stroll here at your own pace, glancing about the town’s architectural beauty. Streets here are lined with shops selling all kinds of things from decorations to Belgium chocolates. Get inside any of the town’s adorable cafes to grab a quick bite.