Hi Guys! This is Sushant Bhasin, a corporate guy and Indian travel blogger who got an inspiration to travel from some of the popular Indian travel bloggers. I am leading a normal life like any of you and working hard to gain a social and financial standing. After I came across one of the top travel blogs, I had my first solo trip about 25 years back to Hong Kong and that is when my love for travelling acquired a new meaning. The beauty of that place left me enchanted and my love for travelling turned into my passion.

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

Sushant Bhasin eats, lives, and breathes the meaning of this quote. For him, travelling is his first and last love. His passion for travelling makes him one of the best Indian travel bloggers.

Sushant Bhasin is a popular Indian travel blogger who can give you perfect round-the-globe tips if you are clueless about picking the best travel destinations in the world and getting out to enjoy the wonders of the world. Since the time he decided to travel, he hasn’t looked back. He aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same! If you are looking for popular travel bloggers and blogs in India who you can look up to, Travell Dreamer is the one!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Sushant is a normal corporate guy and Indian travel blogger who was leading a normal life until he went to Hong Kong. From there, his wanderlust got fueled, and he started going on trips more often.

His first solo trip was about 25 years back, and it changed him for good. The beauty of the city left him mesmerized. It was then that he decided to do something about his increasing thirst to explore the best travel destinations in the world. What did he do? He took the phrase- work hard, party harder seriously. He worked day and night but travelled harder after that. Those odd vacations changed his perception of the world forever. Now, he is a hardcore corporate guy who appreciates travel experiences. He is a person who strongly believes in creating memories for himself and others. It wasn’t a long time ago when he decided to create a travel blog where he could share his journeys and his knowledge of travelling.

He always looks for a unique experience at a new place each time and most importantly wants to beat the mundane routine. He says that he never had the ambition to become a travel blogger. It just happened and he thinks it happened for the best. Now, he has become the kind of person who follows his heart, and that has always taken him to the right places, at the right time.

Now, he pours his heart out in a space of his own! You will get all kinds of travel-related information like – best travel blogs, popular travel bloggers, travel tips, travel talks, interesting stories, best travel destinations, sightseeing, and almost everything related to travelling. He is one of those Indian Travel Bloggers who will change your life with their experiences.

From heartwarming stories, exciting narratives, travel tips to cultural exposure; you will get everything here. Fulfill your wanderlust with Travell Dreamer as your companion and experience the world through his eyes.