My first visit to the Sin City, Las Vegas

Author Sushant Published on January 31st 2019

Going to the US and not visiting the Sin City, would be the biggest sin for a tourist.  Las Vegas in Spanish literally means “The Meadows” because of its wild grasses and desert spring waters. Established in 1905, it has become the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and is one of the top three destinations for business conventions in the United States.


What I learned from my visit

Pull out your walking shoes: Walk the strip which is 4 miles long and see what attracts you the most. The buildings on either side of the strip may look close in the photos but they but they are not. Be prepared to be amazed.


Take a lot of photos: Everything in Vegas is going to amaze you in one way or another. Capture as much of this incredible city as you can. Carry extra batteries and SD Cards if you can. You would find roadside jugglers/performers or costumed characters everywhere. A fair warning though as they may expect you to pay if you click a photo with them


Open up to a different world: In Vegas, you never know what you're going to bump into. Being the Adult Paradise of the World, you will come across things which you may not like. My advice to you would be, “Be Open to Witness What You Have Not Witnessed”.


Three best companions in Vegas: Yes, Sunscreen, Water bottle, and a light jacket. Don’t go out without them. Why? Vegas is in the middle of a desert with scorching heat and sunshine. And inside the many buildings that you would visit, AC will be blasting at full power, enough to chill you to the bones. Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated when outside.


For all the Gamblers: If you're planning on testing your luck, feel free to visit any of the casinos. However, before giving one of the many such establishments, take gambling lessons. Also, don’t feel naïve when in the casino. One of the great ways to get freebies and discounts on shows, restaurants, attractions and more is to sign up for a casino player’s club.


Time to feast:  Avoid peak hours which are usually from 6 PM to 8 PM. If you can, book your table in advance. However, if you're only looking for a quick meal, you will easily find a place to sit and grab something to eat. The entertainment city is full of hotels, restaurants and eating joints.

Five Things for the First Timer


To have an amazing view of the Strip as the night lights come on, visit the High Roller Ferris Wheel at the Linq. It is a sight you may never forget.

Vegas is famous for buffets which can be found almost in every hotel. However, I do have a few favorites which may be worth your time & price tag. My favorites are The Buffet at the Wynn, The Buffet at The Bellagio and the Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasar’s Palace.


You can also go for a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, or go for hiking trails at Red Rock Canyon if you’d want to burn off the calories.

Vegas is also a city of history and has several museums. Most noticeable ones are the Neon Museum (the location for many of the historical signs from Las Vegas's mid-20th-century heyday), Madame Tussaud’s, The Mob Museum, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, the Nevada State Museum, and the Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park. 


For all the Bravehearts and adventure junkies, go for the Sky Jump, a controlled free-fall that sends you hurtling toward the solid ground from 829 feet up.


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