Fun Ways To Travel Long Without Wearing Out!

Author Sushant Published on September 14th 2019

We think that traveling is the ultimate solution to our get rid of our monotonous routine. Which is, in fact, true to some extent. But no one tells us that there are also moments of boredom that can catch us up anytime especially during long-term travel. Airports aren't as exciting as they may seem. Longer queues can make your eyes roll. You can get tired of being on-the-go. That 18-hour non-stop flight can be really dull, and a 10-hour bus or car ride may feel extremely tedious. So, here I'm sharing with you few travel tips and tricks that personally worked for me. Let me know if you too gain from these fun ways to travel long without getting bored.

How Not To Be Travel Weary?

1. Load up on entertainment

This includes your favorite playlist, narrative audiobooks or just another conventional book, creative/educational/comical podcasts, and so much more. Get YouTube or Netflix videos and do not wait for the last minute. The options are endless, you just need to plan in advance so that there isn’t any room for boredom while traveling.

2. Get someone along

If it's going to be an extended stay or you're traveling for really long, why not get along a friend or a family member to make even the longest journey go smooth and unnoticed. You can take shifts in driving/riding, keep that chit-chat going, click pictures or modify your travel plans. But be wise in choosing the right companion than regretting later.

3. Sleep

That's the easiest way to avoid boredom and also to get some rest. So make sure you are always wearing comfortable clothes when you've to travel for long. Take a neck pillow to not hit your head when you doze off. Also, keep an extra travel-blanket or sheet to cover any sort of contingencies.

4. Daydream

We've all done that some time or the other. Making up stories while watching out or the people around with my favorite track amplifying the entire experience occupies most of my time. Daydreaming enhances my creative abilities as I write down those ideas/thoughts and share them on my blog. You can also use this time to carve out your future goals and how to achieve them.

5. Keep a look outside


While daydreaming, you can also watch out for unusual things, share those with your companion or with your family. Count the things you see and also take note of the landmarks; it's an interesting activity to not let your mind wander into unnecessary circumstances. And even if that gets infinitely boring, try eavesdropping. I don't really want you to interfere in their lives, but haven't all of us overheard conversations to find our own time pass?

6. Sharpen your camera skills

That shutterbug kicks in whenever I'm on a trip - no matter it's a long one or a short one. I keep taking online photography/ videography courses and imply the knowledge gained while I'm on-the-go. When I come back from the trip, I edit those clips and make a short vlog of the journey. Also, I have a few editing apps on my phone on which I enhance the pictures a bit and share on my social accounts. Start off with random subjects and gradually orchestrate a meaning in your pictures or videos. This will garner a larger audience along with appealing your inner self.

7. Make new friends

Talk to fellow passengers, get to know one another and share your experiences/ stories. Try to know about the locals and their life. Who knows you might meet someone interesting or to further share your journey with.

8. Write

But what? You wouldn't be a shutterbug like me but maybe books and writing are more appealing to you. So, you can write things down - your feelings, past or present experiences, travel plans and just anything.

Do not let long term traveling destroy your imagination and the drive to keep going. Because what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

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