5 Easy Budget Weekend Getaways in India

Author Sushant Published on September 21st 2019

Recently, it has been found that a significant number of Indians travel mostly for status rather than actual satisfaction. To prove this statement wrong and for personal gratification, there are people like me who have started minimalistic traveling - traveling easy and on budget. We all crave to travel and post insta-worthy pictures and stories, but without putting a dent in our wallet. And, we are lucky enough to live in a country where each corner is filled with places one would ever want to explore. So, for all those workaholics who want a break and a getaway from the monotonous city life, I have shortlisted five places that are perfect for solo travel, group excursions, and even family trips. Now plan your next trip accordingly and start backpacking.


1. Pondicherry – Peace Down South

If you are someone who wants to rejuvenate and sit in peace and meditate, then surely this place is for you. Pondicherry holds French architecture, a perfect blend of south mix culture and a lot of greenery. It can give you beachy feels and at the same time make you want to stay back and meditate.

A pocket-friendly tip: You could cut your lodging costs by staying at Aurobindo Ashram. It provides food and lodging facility for free.

2. Kasol – Hitting the Rock Bottom

Obviously, if you just got out of college or on a break, your friends might have suggested to plan a trip to Kasol and smoke lots of weed (not that literally). Of course, the food, sights and even weed is cheap there. This is one of the perfect getaways if you are a mountain person and want to explore the traveller in you. Many people from different backgrounds generally meet up here and share their stories, just like I did. Next can be yours!


3. Kodaikanal – Princess of Hill Stations

This place is pretty underrated but the yummy fried chicken and extremely affordable zostels will blow your mind. The view of mesmerizing flowers, plants and majestic waterfalls from the rooms is nothing less than a heavenly garden. If you are located in and around Bangalore, then this is the season for a perfect weekend getaway to Kodaikanal.


4. Goa – The Miami Of India

Goa has had its charm since eternity. Sun, sand, beaches, booze, bikinis, disco, sea-food, and Portuguese architecture are few attractions everyone die-for. If you want a perfect beachy get away with a lot of drinks, sherry, pubs, and something away from the usual, you must plan your trip and start looking for the shack to chill.


5. Jaipur – Photogenic Frames

If you are a person who has a thing for architecture, frames, mirrors, paintings, history and art, then Pink City is the place for you. A 5-hour drive from Delhi, Jaipur is the perfect weekend getaway which will surely rejuvenate you. So pack your bags, take your camera and get ready to be mesmerized by the splendid forts, great antiquity, and rich musical culture of the city.


These are my top five picks. It can change according to people and their interests. But, if you’re just bitten by the travel bug and are short on cash, then check these places out and don’t forget to capture your travel stories. Also, share your experiences with me in the comments below.

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