10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam: So Much To Absorb And So Much To See!

Author Sushant Published on June 14th 2019

Vietnam is a perfect vacation destination for everyone and anyone. I feel it’s a country nestled in greenery surrounded by rice terraces, picturesque mountains, and beautiful valleys. There are photogenic streets and corners perfect for Instagram shots. Each cup of coffee is deliciously soul-satisfying. The food is sumptuous. Biking is a travel-friendly option. The entire vibe feels incredible. There are endless and epic touring opportunities and here are the 10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam.


1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist destination situated in the Quang Ninh Province. If you can splurge a bit, get a leisurely cruise tour. Gawk at the scenic views, go kayaking in the aqua-green water, try scuba diving or rock climbing and relish fine dining.


2. Hoi An

Located in Central Vietnam, this place is straight out of a fairytale. The architecture of Old Town is stunning! The Japanese Covered Bridge, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Art Performance Theatre and Old House of Tan Ky are key attractions. My Son Sanctuary, 40kms ahead of Hoi An is also worth visiting if historic sites are your thing.


3. Ho Chi Minh City

The largest city in Vietnam also goes by its old name Saigon. Offering myriad options, it's a blend of things you'd want to do - shopping, food, and nightlife. Splurge at the largest marketplace - Ben Thanh Market. And, visit the Cu Chi Tunnels which are 250+ years old and were built by hands. It was an extensive underground network used by the Viet Cong soldiers to fight the French and the Americans.


4. Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park

Garner all your strength and get ready for an insane yet adventurous and intriguing experience. Away from the cacophony of city life, this is a multi-day guided hike and trek tour with a lot of other fun activities to do.


5. Hanoi

Heard of the famous egg coffee? You'll get it here. What else? Feel the vibes, walk around and shop at the busy night markets. Major highlights? Grand Opera House, Hoa Lo Prison Museum, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature and the Train Track Road.


6. Ninh Binh

If the city vibe's getting too much, this breathtaking and a not-so-popular destination is for you. It's a paradise and like Hao Long Bay but on land. No water, less crowd, rice fields around, pretty huts, epic views, scooter tours and an arduous but a rewarding climb to the Lying Dragon Mountain.


7. Mui Ne

Explore the chaotic local markets; White Sand Dunes right next to the grasslands, sunset and sunrise points, Red Sand Dunes and fish sauce.


8. Sapa

It’s in the Northwest of Vietnam that this quiet and calm town dwells. The pictorial mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, tribal culture, and the food make your stay worthwhile.


9. Ha Giang

Another off the tourist trail destination is Ha Giang famous for the buckwheat and flower seasons. It’s a majestic road to happiness. The Happy Road or the Ha Giang Loop got tourism here. So, get bike-ready and explore the intricate routes and insane views.


10. Mekong Delta

A.K.A. Vietnam's Rice Basket is the Mekong Delta that feeds more than half of the country's population. The colorful floating markets, old-fashioned villages, circular boats, rice paddies, and bird sanctuaries attract a majority of tourists to this agricultural land.


I felt overwhelmed to be at Hanoi, but on the other hand, places like Ha Giang are ecstatic. Let me know how you find these. Which is your personal favorite destination?

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