India is culturally diverse and there are many places to visit when it comes to travelling. However, it always confuses us to choose one destination over the other as the country is rich in culture, heritage and natural attractions.


Here are going to pick 5 best travel destinations in India that you must visit, at least once in a lifetime. This does not imply that other destinations are less significant, but if you are looking to create the memory of a lifetime, then these picks are for you.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands (South India)

If you are looking for a travel and holiday destination in South India then the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the best place to visit. A mix of culture different from mainland India, rich historical places and different cuisine along with beautiful beaches and marine life, this place is for everybody to enjoy, explore and live the scene as one of the best times in their life.


Enjoy the tranquillity of nature in the uninhabited Jolly Buoy Island, which is preserved for ecological reasons. Understand the historical contributions of the place while visiting the Port Blair jail better known as Kala Pani. Watch relatively unseen migratory birds in midst of their travel visiting the Chidiya Tapu, go for Scuba diving in the North Bay of Port Blair, look at the only active volcanic region in South East Asia at the Barren Island. Apart from these, there are limestone caves in Port Blair, the adventurous Bartang Island for its exotic fauna and one of the lesser-visited places of the region for an unforgettable trip.


Dharmashala (North India)

Moving up north, Dharmashala is a travel destination that oozes tranquillity. A spiritual and peaceful place, Dharmashala is culturally important, as the place where the 14th Dalai Lama chose to stay. People are soft-spoken and always look forward to help visitors understand it much better.


If you want to go around Dharmashala, then there are camping and experiential tours where you can live and eat like a local for your stay. We all know the famous Dal Lake, where you can enjoy the serenity and take a boat ride. Next are the tea gardens in the region, the Nagoya Monastery – the largest Tibetan Temple outside Tibet, Bhagsu Waterfall, Kangra Valley and Fort, Indrahar Pass, the rock-cut temples of Masrur, etc.


Other locations of cultural and historic importance include the Dalai Lama Temple Complex, Namgyalma Stupa, Kalachakra Temple, Nechung Monastery, the trekking landscapers of Naddi Village and others.


There is a lot more to the region than just enjoying its scenic offerings but Dharmashala is a place of profound beauty and a place where you would be contemplative while you travel.


Meghalaya (North-East)

If you want to see something beautiful and diverse in India, then the 7 sister states of the North East is a must-visit place for everyone in the world. Out of the seven states, we pick Meghalaya as one of our recommendations because of nature and its mood at the place.


Start your visit by experiencing the double-decker living root-bridge in Shillong, which is over 500 years old. Next are the Laitlum Canyon, the Umain Lake, the Mawlynnong Village regarded as one of the cleanest villages in India and the crystal-clear Dawki – Umngot River. If you wish to know how the wettest places on earth look like on a normal day, then visit Cherrapunji and its title contender Mawsynram here.


Lavasa (West India)

Lavasa is a getaway destination near the western mountain ranges. Located close to Pune, the place is a mix of culture, enjoyment and nature.


Visit the Temghar dam for its panoramic view, trekking to the Ghangad and Tikona Forts, the 220 ft. Devkund waterfalls, Tamhini Ghat, etc. at Lavasa. if you are looking for water sports then do not miss out the Lakeshore water sports and other recreational areas with indoor golfing.


Overall, the place is lush with greenery and one of the best getaways for people from the city who chooses to ride their way to travel destinations.


Roopkund Glacial Lake, Himalayas 

Leh and Lakadh are some of the famous places for trekking and long-distance biking. However, Roopkund is quite new to gain recognition for its trekking and glacial lake. The place is quite close to the Himalayan region with virgin forest, meadows, brooks and camping site.


Lohajung pass is one of the places you must visit here and see the Ganges in its gurgling glory. If the cold is to be experienced in a breathtaking way then, the Roopkund Glacial Lake is the place to be.


To conclude

It is unfair to pick just 5 places here today, but we have taken care to keep your adventure and getaway needs in mind and picked the above so that you come back home with profound memories of your visit. Hope you enjoy our picks when you visit them and have a wonderful time.