Nepal is a beautiful and incredible country. It is one of those countries which is really awe-inspiring and diverse. Most of the people come here enchanted by the beauty of the majestic Himalayas but there are so many more amazing places to see in Nepal beyond just its mountains. Nepal has a whole bunch of opportunities, not only for people seeking adventure but in every aspect, right from sightseeing and pilgrimage. Here are some of the places I think you should definitely visit on your trip to Nepal.


Pokhara, sitting next to the scenic Lake Phewa, is an ideal leisure destination in Nepal. It maintains its poise and tranquility to serve as a place you would find difficult to forget. Yet there is more to this place than enjoying the lake and surrounding scenery or spend leisure time in the luxury hotel you booked. Pokhara is the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, which provides the tourists with incredible opportunities for paragliding like no other destination can. The River Seti also gives travelers a chance to enjoy thrilling white water river rafting.

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Every capital city in the world is touristy and has plenty to engage visitors. And the same goes for Kathmandu as well. This Nepal capital gives a glimpse of the different facets of the country making travelers even greedier to explore. Kathmandu and its nearby destination, Thamel is regarded as an ideal base for adventure seekers and trekkers and those who want to enjoy the view of the famous Mount Everest. Kathmandu is also the best place to buy all your mountaineering and trekking gear. Besides, the city is perfect for a pilgrimage tour. One of the most revered temples of the Hindus, Pashupati Nath is located. It also houses exquisite and sacred Buddhist shrines such as the Swayambhunath and Boudhanath. Also, Kathmandu is the best place to try Nepali cuisine, experience the traditional crafts, practice and study yoga and meditation. It is from here, that the flying tour to Mount Everest is conducted.



Want the best views of Nepal’s Himalayan Range? The place to you is Nagarkot. Surreal and strategic, this Nepal hill station promises stunning views of the Himalayan mountains not only from the viewpoints but also from the windows of your hotel room. Located on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley and a short distance from Bhaktapur, Nagarkot is a picturesque destination that allows you to savor every Himalayan mood. The spot is also renowned for its spectacular sunrise and sunsets. Indeed it can also pass as a honeymoon destination with such dreamlike settings and views on offer.

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Bhaktapur boasts of rich architecture and imposing Hindu temples. Although many have suffered demolition as a result of the 2015 tragic earthquake, one can still find sufficient temples and buildings to captivate with their exquisite architecture and art. The Bhaktapur Durbar Square represents one of the best places to look at the excellent architecture and carvings of the temple. A tourist would also like the shopping experience here, apart from temple hopping. Bhaktapur is known for souvenirs, pottery, puppets, masks, and cultural crafts, leaving visitors spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping.


Believed to be Lord Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini is a Nepalese pilgrimage destination but it surely impresses even the atheist with its monastery and peaceful surroundings. This holy place has so much to offer to those willing to spend a day or two enjoying and exploring its beauty gradually. The main attraction here is the Temple of Maya Devi, which is situated in the middle of a wide park containing lakes and monasteries.

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Chitwan National Park

This National Park is said to be Nepal’s best place to go on a wildlife tour. Spread over an area of 934 square kilometers, Chitwan is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and that says it all. The park is home to a wide and rich flora and fauna variety, and is believed to be a safe haven for unique animals such as one-horned Rhinoceros. Chitwan also houses 544 different bird species. There are a number of high-end resorts right on the edge of the park for luxury travelers who are also interested in wildlife tours. These hotels and resorts arrange excellent wildlife safaris for their guests along with pampering you with the state-of-the-art services. For on-the-go backpackers, Sauraha is the place to find accommodation. This small village is full of budget-friendly hotels that are ideal for anyone on a budget looking to explore Chitwan National Park.

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