While continuing to share my experiences with you about my trips from the past, next in the ‘Throwback series’ is my trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Though I only spent a few days in this city, what I loved is that you can see the highlights within a short period. Vienna is a charming city full of history, elegance and music. At every step, I couldn’t help but marvel at the efficient public transportation, the neat and orderly streets, and the meticulously maintained lawns and gardens. Walking through Vienna is like being into a fairytale, as the horse and carriage trot past you, making their way from one decorated palace to the other. Here are some of the places in Vienna that truly capture the essence of this city.

The Hofburg
The Hofburg once used to be the Imperial Palace of the rulers of the Hapsburg dynasty. It is still the seat of the modern democratic power today and serves as the workplace and the residence of the Austrian President. The oldest part of this palace is as old as the 13th century. The palace comprises of fine cafes, luxury restaurants and beautiful parks. The palace also has a collection of museums and the Spanish riding school. 

St. Stephen’s Cathedral
The architectural marvel of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is not just historical, but it has brought a lot of recognition to the entire country. One of the most beloved landmarks of Vienna, this Cathedral has been a symbol of pride for the country for more than 700 years now. By climbing atop its tower, one can observe a marvellous view of the city. For the best view of the city, you would want to climb atop the south tower. You will get a view of the entire city from here. The South tower can get crowded sometimes as the stairs are narrow, so be careful. During the evening, you can also enjoy the various music events happening around here. Here you will experience the 12th-century gothic architecture and beautiful paintings of the saints.


Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens
Having served as the summer residence to the emperors in the past, this place is one of the most historical monuments in Vienna. This palace reflects the beauty and charm of the Baroque architecture and with its 1,441 magnificent rooms, this place is one of the best places to be visited here. 
Take a tour inside the palace to experience the royal lives of the bygone era and get to know about the people who inhabited the palace in the past. Besides the other apartments, you will also get to see the private apartment of the royal couple. As the palace is huge, different tours can be undertaken here and all of which are amazing. You can also take a stroll in the park which has some beautiful fountains and statues.


Kartner Strasse
While visiting Vienna, why should shopping take a backseat? If you want to shop and visit some of the best eateries around, then this place is exactly where you need to head to. Kartner Strasse is famed to be one of the best shopping destinations in Vienna and is a heaven for shopaholics. This pedestrian street is lined up with large chain stores to small fashion boutiques. The whole street has some of the most famous eateries and famous brands. , the whole street is graced by famous brands and popular eateries. Being a must-visit place in Vienna, Kartner Strasse offers something special to every kind of traveller.

Vienna City Hall
The city hall of Vienna, a neo-Gothic structure, was designed by an eminent architect in the 18th century. This hall is very popular among several other buildings in this place. Nowadays, this place houses Vienna’s municipal administration with around two thousand people working here. While visiting this place, be prepared to be amazed by the beautiful staterooms, and the places where balls and concerts are organized. Other than that, this place also has an ice skating rink. In the evenings, just sit down and enjoy the concerts and operas playing on the screen right in front of the hall. It’s free.