It’s from the last few years that I’ve seen how solo traveling has changed the way we see traveling as. It’s no more like planning a trip to Shimla, Mussoorie or Nainital with the entire family during summers. Today, I see my Instagram feed loaded with posts of people visiting even the unknown or not so popular destinations. This generation is more of backpackers, I guess the movie Queen inflicted the trend (at least in India). But, do we understand the need behind doing so or are we just replicating someone else’s life? The other day I read on a very popular website how they mention solo travelers to be running away because they don’t have an agenda to fulfill or fight for. What if running away from the monotony or feeling the air of independence is the actual plan?

 If you’re new to the concept of solo traveling, read my blog on why solo traveling is worth it all. It’s an unexplainable emotion to reach a point where you know you took the steps towards a life, not everyone dares to experience. I made this decision long back and here are 5 reasons why I’m proud to be a solo traveler.

1. Independence

The first most reason is the independence one has when one travels. For instance, now I don’t have to convince others to go somewhere. I have complete freedom to choose my destination, fulfill the places on my bucket list and focus more on me than all the fragments of us.

2. Self-Sustainability

If you’ve ever wondered how people make their own decisions and are good at it without confusing, you need to travel solo. It’s an experience on its own because it makes you learn a lot of things to become self-sustained. I wasn’t that bad a decision-maker but always a bit hesitant. The day I decided to go on my first-ever solo trip was when I took the initial step towards getting self-sufficient. My survival tricks are now a level apart!

3. Forming A Positive Circle

Someone once asked me, ‘not many people talk to me, do I appear strange?’ I replied, ‘you don’t seem approachable.’ And that’s something that positively changes in you when you start traveling the world all by yourself. Because you don’t have an option and that sociability automatically pops-up! I have a circle of friends I am proud of – a dozen of them are the ones I’ve met on one or the other trip.

4. Self-Discovery

This is a very important aspect of traveling no matter you’re traveling solo or in a group – to know yourself! We leave our comfort zones in order to find peace & our true inner self. You’ll be astonished by the things you get to know about yourself. Start by hanging around alone for a movie, lunch or simply commuting by public transport in your city. It changes you as a person – for the good, of course!

5. Planning & Execution

You learn the rules and also learn how to break them (with caution). You can strategize the way you want, stick to the plan or simply change it the very last moment. You’re accountable to no one but yourself.

Traveling solo has helped me go to underrated places and find immense beauty and peace. Let me know in the comments below what makes you a proud solo traveller. Also, when and where are you packing your bags to travel all by yourself? We might just catch up someday and share our stories! 

Take Care.