Advanced planning is one rule every traveller must abide by. It is always wise to plan in advance then experiencing problems. I have learnt a lot from my trip to Vatican City. There are few tips I would like to give you. 

1. Booking Tickets in Advance: 

Ensure you have your tickets pre-booked before you visit the Vatican City’s historical sites. I am not joking when I say that if you don’t do it, you will perhaps encounter the longest queue on this planet. The worse thing is that you may have to return with colossal disappointment. So, if you want the same to happen to you, always check the busiest days and grab the tickets for a less-busy day. 

2. Passing Through Security: 

The Vatican City is an autonomous state; hence, you will discover air terminal like security at the passageway. Know those specific things, for instance, drinks, can’t be taken in with you – albeit once you have gone through security, you can discover candy machines offering containers of water and different beverages for guests. 

It’s a smart thought to take some extra change since a large portion of the visits will include a great deal of walking and you’ll rapidly get parched and exhausted, mainly if the climate is hot. When you pass through security, any luggage that you have should go through metal scanners before you are allowed to enter. 

3. Dress Code: 

Despite the fact that there is no given clothing guideline for these places, for example, the Vatican Museum and the displays, in the event that you need your visit the holy locales, for example, the Sistine Chapel and St. Subside’s Basilica, you should guarantee that your garments are as per the rules. The guidelines express that shoulders and knees ought to be covered when visiting these zones. If it’s excessively hot, making it impossible to wear long sleeves and pants, you can discover slows down offering scarves only outside of the Vatican dividers; these will do the trick for covering you when you enter the restricted regions. I had thoroughly researched the guidelines before visiting the holy places. It’s always good to plan so that you don’t face any unpleasant encounter. 

4. Photography Restrictions:

While the Vatican historical center, patio, and even St. Pauls Basilica are excellent for photography, you ought to ensure that your camera flash is turned off. Furthermore, you ought to know that photography is entirely not permitted in any region inside the Sistine Chapel; visitors are required to put their cameras or smartphones away in this zone. 

If you are seen taking photos in the Sistine Chapel, you will be requested to stop by a guard. While it might disappointing to not to be able to take photographs, remember that the beautiful craftsmanship in the church essentially is felt through your soul. Like any other person, I wanted to capture the moments in my camera, but then I realised that I need to create a memory of lifetime not on camera but in my mind. 

5.  Cloakroom Restrictions: 

The Vatican offers a free cloakroom for travellers where you can store items that aren’t allowed on the grounds. 

There are a few things that they won’t allow you to store though. No one at the Vatican wants to be responsible for your cash, jewellery, or electronics; so ditch jewellery or other items which you might regret losing. Also, you can’t store your coat or jacket in the cloakroom.  Thankfully, I travel light. This cautionary measure always allows me to enjoy the sites without getting worried about the excess baggage.