Holidaying around Central Europe isn’t complete until you take the time to stop in Salzburg, Austria. This magical and historic city is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart. Walking down the old town and into its cathedrals and palaces, I was amazed at the city’s grandeur. With baroque squares, exalted spires, and a fairytale fortress, it looks exactly like Mozart’s hometown should. But tourists also flock here for another reason– The ‘Sound of Music’ was filmed in the city. Here are some spots that I visited on my tour here.

Leopoldskron Palace
This beautiful lakeside palace is a historic monument and the setting of many scenes in the movie “The Sound of Music.” The palace, and its surrounding park, is located on the lake Leopoldskroner Weiher.  In the early 19th century, the palace served as an international, high-profile meeting place for the artistic and cultural scene. Few years back, the palace was opened as a private hotel.

Hellbrunn Palace
While this place was not a part of the film, “The Sound of Music,” this is where you’ll now find the gazebo where the song “16 going on 17” was filmed. The gazebo was initially on the grounds of the Schloss Leopold, but it was moved to a more tourist-friendly Hellbrunn Palace.
The spacious parks and gardens of Hellbrunn Palace are partly landscaped and partly natural. They are a marvelous place to unwind, take a stroll, and indulge in a bit of outdoor sport. I saw children immediately drawn to the big adventure playground. From a mechanical theater to water-squirting stags, these hydraulic attractions never fail to captivate visitors with their originality and astonishing effects.

After seeing several spots within the city, we headed to Mondsee, a small lovely lake town that is home to Saint Michael’s Church. Take some time to explore the town and the lakeside promenade on your own. What I learned on the tour of the town was that although the movie wedding took place inside the Basilica St Michael, the outside of the church was never shown, as it was being renovated at that time. The church where they originally wanted to film the wedding had renovations going on inside, so only the outside was filmed. Together they created the wonderfully famous movie wedding scene.

Mirabell Palace
My favorite spot in Salzburg was, without a doubt, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. I loved being surrounded by bright, colorful flowers. It was nice to visit the gardens early in the morning, when they were relatively quiet and calm. By the afternoon, the gardens were a hub of activity, as they are a favorite among both tourists and locals alike. Mirabell Palace is a popular place for destination weddings and the gardens a favored location for photographs.

Fortress Hohensalzburg
This fort serves as one of Salzburg’s top sights. Besides the breathtaking views you’ll enjoy, you can also explore its many museums. Watch the sun going down from one of the fortress’ viewpoints. If you’re feeling fancy, set aside this evening for a concert and dinner treat high above the city of Salzburg. Hohensalzburg Castle is not only Salzburg’s prominent landmark, but is the largest, fully preserved fortress in all of the central Europe. Besides the breathtaking views, one can also explore its many museums. If you get time to be here till evening, don’t forget to watch the sunset from one of the fortress’ viewpoints. It’s simply amazing. If you’re feeling fancy, set aside this evening for a concert and dinner, a treat high above the city of Salzburg.