When Harry Made London One of the Best Travel Destinations in World

Author Sushant Published on December 25th 2018

best travel destinations


If you haven't visited Harry Potter Studio during your London trip, I am sad to break this news to you- You totally wasted your trip! Harry Potter Studio is precisely what makes London one of the best travel destinations in world. There is no way one should skip visiting this land which has captivated the entire world with its everlasting magical aura. My London trip became worthwhile only when I stepped into this magical realm. Just in case you are planning to experience JK Rowling's world, I would like to share some tips with you because there is a high chance that you will face problems if you don't plan everything in advance. Remember, there will be a lot of tourists visiting this Studio. So, be prepared. The ride to the best travel destinations in world would leave you tranced. 


Why Harry Makes London the Best Travel Destinations in World?


best travel destinations


The Harry Potter series has been like an addiction to both youthful and grown-up people since the creation of the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, in 1997. The first generation of youngsters drawing in with J.K. Rowling's incredible world is currently in their 20s or 30s, yet the books have snowballed into a magical phenomenon which refuses to die. Harry's presence makes London one of the best travel destinations in the world. 


best travel destinations


I am not the first generation kid but I am a crazy fan of JK Rowling's brainchild. After more than 20 years, it appears that the Pottermania wouldn't fade away at any point in the near future. For me, Harry is who makes London one of the best travel destinations in world. Why I, including everyone, loves The Boy Who Lived? To start with, supernatural animals creates an aura of parallel reality, urging perusers to see magic in everyday life. Second, the all-inclusive school setting, in which a wide assortment of characters need to manage schoolwork, kinship, and social relations, addresses to a social circle that everyone can identify with. In the end, plot twists and turns grasp the readers so much that they even skip meals to read the book. 


The Magical Significance of Butter Beer in Harry Potter


We all love The Boy Who Lived, but what Harry Potter birthday party would be complete without a little of our favourite beverage from Hogsmeade? You aren't a true Harry Potter fan unless this beverage runs in your blood. That's right– butterbeer.  The very presence of butterbear has made London one of the best travel destinations in world. 


best travel destinations


When I entered the studio, Butterbeer was handed to me by a friendly elf. You might be surprised to know that the Butterbeer is non-alcoholic. It comes in three varieties: hot, cold and frozen. The Butterbeer is extremely sweet, just like thick butterscotch cream soda, so you might want to share. 


best travel destinations


A picture of this magical beverage won't do any justice to its taste. It's just indescribable! Hopefully, I will see you in London soon. I know that no one can resist this temptation for long. Nothing is better than some cold butterbear in one of the best destinations in world. 


Here's Everything You Need to Know About Reaching Harry Potter Studio


One thing is for sure that I would absolutely love to ride on Hogwarts Express. Since my letter to the magic land has not arrived, I would skip to the part where the actual magic starts. 



Tip 1 


best travel destinations


Schedule your ticket time in advance as you can in light of the fact that there is no restriction on how much time you spend on the studio visit. On the off chance that you book prior, you have as much time as you need to wander, investigate, and read each and every little detail. 

Grown-up tickets begin at £39 (except if you get a 'Saver Ticket') for ordinary booking. There are alternative tour packages that you can and you will also get some extra souvenirs to keep. I Iet my inner child loose when I entered this magical world which is located in one of the best travel destinations in world. 


Tip 2 


best travel destinations


Make a point to print out your booking confirmation at whatever point you get it on email to make the procedure much smoother once you arrive. This is important! You will utilise this affirmation to print out your hard copy of tickets at a stand close to the primary passageway (except if you select to get them at the ticket window). 


Tip 3 


best travel destinations


Check the site for special events that may be planned amid your visit. The studio puts on unique, special events each month, so you should need to plan your trip around the same time period. Trust me, it will be totally worth it. I must say, I was excited more than my wife and kids to feel the magic of Harry Potter's world in one of the best travel destinations, London! 


Tip 4 


best travel destinations


When you land to the visit, you'll need to experience a little security checkpoint before entering the building. When you're inside, you'll likely line up with visitors who are likewise getting in at their booked time. However, you won't mind getting in the line as you know that what's inside is worth waiting for. You will hear a lot of "oooh" and "ahhs"  when you get inside that you will totally forget that you waiting in a queue. You will be hypnotized by the enchantment! 


Tip 5 


best travel destinations


If you are thinking of buying souvenirs rather than have expensive food, I suggest you pack yourself a little lunch or a few snacks for the day. You won't have the time to eat or drink while you are walking in the studio. 

When you go through the line to enter the studio, you'll be escorted into a theatre where you'll wait to watch a short film before getting escorted into another space to watch another film. When you're escorted into the following room, you'll inevitably observe the front entryways of Hogwarts after the film wraps up. 


Tip 6 


best travel destinations


Try not to stress in case you're not before the line to get in through the front entryways of The Great Hall in light of the fact that the room will, in the long run, get out as individuals go through to the following room. This is the place you can start to move at your very own pace. I suggest you be patient and simply wait. The crowd will disperse and you will have the chance to capture those pictures without anyone photobombing your magical moments. 

One thing is for sure; I will never get enough of Harry Potter because he is who has infused magic in the air of London and has made it one of the best travel destinations in world. 

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