Top 5 Wine Producing Regions of Europe

Author Sushant Published on October 19th 2018

From fantastic architecture to a portion of the world's most notorious attractions, Europe indeed has everything. What's more, it's home to a few exceptional vineyards, delivering the world's most well-known wines. When I was hitchhiking across Europe, I decided to find out more about where the fine wine comes from. 

1. Bordeaux, France:



Located in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is one of the most prominent and most well-known wine locales in Europe. What's more, while it may not be known for its striking beauty, it is home to probably the most tasteful and expensive wines on the planet. 

I was gaping in a mild shock as I realised that the costliest wine ever to be sold was priced at £105,000. True to its name, Manor Lafite, a Bordeaux wine is considered the pride of European wines. Being a food and wine enthusiast, I could not resist taking a sip of it, and my next reaction was "WOW!" 

2. Piedmont, Italy



Piedmont, called Piemonte in Italian, is a wine-producing locale in the northwest of the nation. Nebbiolo grapes are the reason why the wine of this region is world famous. Different wines you must purchase are Barbera d'Asti, Barbera del Monferrato and Asti Spumante. Asti and Alba are the two primary urban areas in this eminent wine locale.  
Saying from my experience, it's proper to reserve a spot for a tasting or potentially visit most Piedmont wineries after giving 2-3 days of notice in advance. However, don't visit in the fall when wineries are much occupied with the collection and cellaring.

3. La Rioja, Spain



La Rioja is a little locale in northern Spain that has become acclaimed because of Tempranillo, Spain's famous grape. The smooth taste of the wines from this region gains its taste while is matured in oak barrels. This is a wine perfect for anyone who loves Cabernet but is also looking for the dominant cherry flavour that’s often present in wine like Pinot Noir. When I was travelling across Spain, I had made up my mind in advance to taste La Rioja wine. I must say, its taste still lingers on my taste buds. 

4. Tuscany, Italy



Italy's Tuscany has exceptional wine locales. While the rail network here doesn't exactly reach every wine town among Florence and Siena, it is certainly worth it to visit there. You will see that the two urban communities are fantastic in their own way and an incredible place to taste the local wines. The best wine which I tasted here was Sangiovese, which is a rich, alcoholic and mature wine. The wine itself is known for being fruity and acidic. Its aroma is soothing, and it is a beautiful companion of Italian cuisine. After having it, I deduced that it is one of the finest wines of Europe. 

5. Northern France



Obviously, while researching most beautiful wine regions, I couldn't disregard the champagne locale of northern France. This area is famous as the region of the world's most first class drinks. 
With its high elevation and low temperatures make it troublesome for the grapes to age completely. These factors do make the grapes exceedingly acidic, making them ideal for sparkling wine. I must confess that champagne is my favourite alcoholic beverage.

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