Top 5 adventures and activities to do in Mauritius

Author Sushant Published on April 26th 2019

Mauritius is a small Island nation well known for the amazing beaches and numerous fun-filled adventurous activities that you can take part In. From hiking through a rainforest to dolphin surfing in the crystal blue waters.

Go on a submarine ride


It’s not every day that you get to take a tour under the sea while inside a submarine. Blue Safari is a team that offers a submarine ride, I explored the ocean while 35 meters under the water. The two-hour ride tour took me through the Indian Ocean, giving the experience of a lifetime where I spotted sea turtles, eels, all kinds of tropical fish, and even an old shipwreck below the waters. It was an awesome one of a kind experience, be sure to take part in a submarine trip if you ever visit Mauritius.



While you can hike pretty much anywhere in the world, the experience on Mauritius is much different. I enjoyed a stunning view of the white sandy beaches with clear water, but the experience of hiking itself is much more unique too. Hiking through Black River Gorges, the national park in Mauritius, I was able to experience a view of thick trees and beautiful landscape like no other. I also hiked in a rainforest too, which was a very unique experience.

Swim with the dolphins

Ever wanted to see what it’s like to swim at super-fast speeds just like a dolphin? There are a few tours across Mauritius that allow you to get in the water and swim alongside the dolphins for a truly awesome experience. If swimming isn’t exactly your thing though and you’d still like to see some dolphins, don’t fret. There are also several tours that are based around dolphin watching. The tour taught us about dolphins, and I also got to see them swimming happily around in the waters.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a great idea if you’re looking to try something new and be super adventurous during your time in Mauritius. I got started with lessons that taught me exactly what to do, I was a beginner and had no experience at all. Kite surfing itself can be rather difficult to do though, even if you have all the proper lessons. Don’t be discouraged though, it’s still a great experience for you to have!

Try a Scuba Scooter

Scuba Scooter allowed me to scoot across the bottom of the coral reefs, getting up close and personal with all life under the sea. This got me close to the part of our world which we rarely get close to. It’s a definite must try if you ever visit Mauritius.

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