Tips for solo women travelers

Author Sushant Published on March 14th 2020

Solo travelling is a happening trend. I was a solo traveler for many of my beautiful journeys. It opens your eyes to new realities and helps you explore yourself. But a relatively new trend is females traveling alone. As more and more women are becoming financially independent, the community of women traveling solo has grown. Many women these days travel solo, and they love it. These trips can be enjoyable if a little care is taken. Following are a few tips for all the solo women travelers, to make their travel and stay safer.

Research about your destination
Before you start off to a destination, it's very important to do proper research about that place. It’s always advisable to research how safe the place is for travelers. You might also want to check about the residents and how helpful they are when it comes to dealing with the tourists. There is often advice from other travelers online, about a particular place, that will give you an indication on whether to head in that direction or not. Knowing about the tourist scams of a particular destination is also something that you might want to check before you make any decision.

Be cautious with your possessions
Are you habitual of talking on your phone while walking? Do you often flash out your camera in a busy street and start taking pictures, unaware of your surroundings? If it is so, these can all be very attractive items for thieves. Try and avoid flashing these possessions to people around you. Only take them out, whenever it’s very necessary. Once you use them, just put them back. It is always advisable to keep all these possessions within your reach at all times.

Stay connected, but be cautious while on social media
Letting people know where and when you will be traveling is a good idea. However, it is especially advisable here that while posting anything on social media about your whereabouts as a solo traveler, just bear in mind not give out the details about your location in your posts until you are back from the trip. Only share your whereabouts in a private message with only a couple of your friends or family that you trust. 

Try to blend in with Locals
Try to dress up like in a way that the local women do. This way you will attract less attention. If you dress in a different way than the locals, people will easily make out that you are a tourist. That will make you vulnerable. If you are in a country where women dress conservatively, do the same. This will help you avoid any unwanted attention from potential trouble makers.

Whenever possible, avoid travelling during the night
Not that all places you travel, are same, but still, as a solo traveler, it is a good thing to make your plans in a way, that traveling during the night could be avoided. It is a fact that more incidents happen at night than during the day so, so try and travel during the day as much as you can. If you do have to take long journeys, try and skip any shady means of transportation and opt for a trusted one instead. 

Be alert of your surroundings
Always be cautious of where you are going and where you are staying. Be courteous, but avoid mixing too much with people around as you cannot be sure about strangers every time. Avoid, if someone offers you a lift and try to use a trusted means of transport instead. Be careful about the place you stay, and make sure that the room you stay in can be bolted properly from inside.


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