The Top Attractions of the Hong Kong Disneyland

Author Sushant Published on February 1st 2019

Hong Kong Disneyland, a name well known amid everyone and mostly kids. It is the largest theme park in China but the smallest in the world. Hong Kong Disneyland opened in the year 2005 to make the lives of the kids in the city more exciting. It is even one of the most visited tourist spots in Hong Kong. However, when you are in Hong Kong Disneyland you do not have to worry about interaction because the cast members speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese as well. 


Like any other Disneylands in the World, this Disneyland even has different theme areas called “land”. You will find seven lands in this park. These seven lands are elegantly decorated during Chinese new year, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. But not every land is as popular as the other.

Here are the top 3 attractions of the Hong Kong Disney land.
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When you have decided to enter Adventureland, mindfully say goodbye to the civilization. As this theme area is filled with rainforest, wildlife, headhunters and magical totems. The Tarzan's treehouse is the main spot here. one of the favorite attraction in this Adventureland is “Festival of Lion King”. It is a play based on the movie lion king. This play is performed in English and the Chinese subtitles are displayed on the screen.  You can then take a ride on The Jungle River Cruise and enjoy the exciting journey of the whole island. The cruise ride is the coolest and popular ride here. It is mainly because of this ride, that Adventureland is so popular among people.




It is in the fantasyland, where you will find the homes of classic fairy characters, such as Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and the rest have been placed in the fantasy garden. It is even the land where you will find Disney’s most popular trademark – The Sleeping Beauty Castle. You can even meet your favourite character in the Fantasy Garden. It is a very scenic landscape which will make you jump in joy. If fantasyland is your first destination to explore in the Disneyland, then all you need to do is get on the Hong Kong Disneyland railroad from the park entrance and in a matter of sometimes you are there. It is the sleeping beauty castle that attracts a huge number of people to this side of the park.



This is the most popular theme area among older kids in Hong Kong Disneyland. Tomorrowland welcomes you with Star Wars attractions, Marvel Super Heroes and the old and all-time favourite Buzz Light Year. The most intriguing part is the Iron Man Experience. This is a 3D simulation ride but the Space Mountain is the most popular ride in the whole Disneyland parks. It is even the fastest and thrilling ride compared to any other rides in Tomorrowland. This land tops the list of attraction because of its extravagant ride and out of the world experiences.

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