The Magnificent Arabian Desert Safari in Dubai

Author Sushant Published on March 11th 2019

This is one experience you must not miss when in Dubai. Dubai Desert safari would let you enjoy the sweeping views of the Arabian Desert, ride over red dunes. These desert safaris are designed with passion and let you do a whole lot of things, observe and experience the desert from a close distance. You can enjoy the most adventurous off-road exploration during your UAE vacation.

Morning desert safari in Dubai: sunrise

If you don't have the evening available with you or are more interested in the Dubai city during the evening then Morning desert safari is best for you. There are many travel packages available in which their car will pick you up in the morning and will take you straight to the desert where you can enjoy various activities like dunes bashing, Quad biking, camel ride, and sand skiing. Usually, Water and soft drinks are provided by the safari organizer but it’s advisable to carry your own bottle and keep yourself hydrated.

Dune bashing

As per my experience, dune bashing is a combination of a bumpy ride and a roller coaster. Usually, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) is used, the driver drives at increasing and decreasing speeds over sand dunes. It is a skillful job to navigate the terrain, as the surface of the sand keeps shifting. The ride lasts about an hour, vehicles travel in convoy and stick close together as they perform their stunts.

Camel Safari

Before the advent of modern cities of UAE, camel caravans were a common sight in gulf countries. Nomads used to cross the desert on camels and used to travel in caravans. Modern camel safari let you get close to that ancient experience. Top Travel Bloggers recommend the camel safari as one of the finest experiences in Dubai. Typically 1 camel per couple is given and the safari operator takes you to the desert sands on the outskirts of Dubai. You reach a Bedouin community at the end of your ride and get a traditional welcome of Arabic coffee ("Kahwa") or tea served with dates and other dried fruits. A word of advice: casual, loose fitting clothing is recommended in the summer, along with a jacket in the winter.  Infants below 5 years and pregnant women are not allowed to ride camels.

Sand Ski

During Dubai trip; Sand Ski or Sandboarding is one of the activities which is recommended by most of the Indian travel bloggers. You climb atop a sand dune and then tie a ski board on your feet or take a bigger board and set your entire body on it and slide down. Doesn’t require much skill set but one needs to have sound knees and good balancing skills. After a couple of slides, you get comfortable with it. Going up the sand dune is a difficult activity which exhausts you the most but for the fun of sliding down its worth it.

Quad Biking

For the controlled adventure, you should go for the package which gives you an opportunity to take quad biking near your campsite, if you want to cross the limits then hire a quad bike and go for a route less explored and away from crowded sites. As you cross the sand dunes and go off road (within the designated driving area, of course) you enjoy the sand like never before.

Overnight desert safari

Overnight desert safari camping experience is one of the life experiences. Strongly recommended by Travel Bloggers in India, experience Dubai as it was 50 years ago. See the sun drop under the horizon as you watch a falcon fly around you. Enjoy the cultural activities such as henna, music, dance, bread making and Arabic coffee making in your Bedouin camp, lit with the gentle flames of traditional lamps, have your dinner under the stars and relax beside a bonfire.

There are many tour operators who provide all these activities under one greatly designed package, in order to have hassle free travel find the package which suits you the best. They would provide you all the details and precautions etc.



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