Thailand the Country of Traditions

Author Sushant Published on May 7th 2019


Thailand is well known as Asia’s most popular destinations. I started my journey from Bangkok, the pulsating heart of this nation. That visit to Thailand helped me to learn so many things about the traditions of this country; here I am disclosing a few interesting facts to update your knowledge base:


Most of the people in Thailand follow Theravada Buddhism, and it is observed as the strongest element of the Thai culture. This religious belief is much influenced by animism and Hinduism. I was surprised to see that the Thai calendar is developed by following the Eastern version of the Buddhist Era; that means, almost 543 years in advance to the Western calendar. As I came to know from my tourist guide, almost 94% of Thai population believe in Theravada Buddhism; around 4.5% are followers of Islam religion whereas the Christian population in the country is less than 1%. You may find some rare communities of Hindus and Sikhs in this country.


As you already know, the official language in this country is Thai. Kids get lessons for this language in schools, and it is widely spoken in the entire nation. Note that, this language is written using Thai alphabet and studies reveal that it was actually evolved from Khmer alphabet. I also come to know that many minority groups in this country follow their own languages such as Kelantan-Pattani Malay, Hmong, Karen, Akha, Viet, Khmer, and Mon, etc. From the past few years, Kids are also learning the English language as compulsory subjects in their course.


How can I forget the amazing celebrations of the Thai people? I was lucky enough to visit this place during the water festival that is organized in the Mid-April and had great fun over there. During this festival, devotees prefer to visit sacred temples and perform the ritual of the cleansing statue of Lord Buddha. Some of the most famous temples of Thailand are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Wat Phra Kaew. I visited them all during that festival. Other than this, Thai people love to enjoy Festival of Light in the 12th month of the Thai Calendar. The list of famous celebrations of Thailand includes Constitution day, Chulalongkorn day, Visakha Puja, Songkran, Chakri Day, Magha Puja and New Year.


One of the most important parts of the Thai tradition is its amazing food preparation. This country features the largest collection of Thai dishes, and they include all tastes such as spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter flavors as well. I found a completely balanced diet at this place which creates a perfect harmony in the body. Rice is one of the essential parts of Thai cuisine; other than this, they love to enjoy seafood, vegetables, chicken, pork and beef, etc.

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