Sliding down the Swiss Alps

Author Sushant Published on February 15th 2019

France and Austria have got their share of Alps, But the Swiss Alps comprise almost all the highest mountains of the Alps. Hence Switzerland gives you the spectacular mountain scenery, the best mountain restaurants, traffic-free old mountain villages and some of the most captivating ski runs. Since the Middle Ages, transit across the Alps played an important role in history.

Yippy, it’s Ski Time

Major ski resorts are also amongst the busiest and expensive ever since the Swiss National Bank abandoned the currency cap with the euro in early 2015. Holidaying in Switzerland is a pricier affair. There are dozens of amazing resorts that are lesser known and give you so many other things apart from skiing to make the country an attractive option for a ski holiday. You can sled back to your hotel and top off a great day’s skiing with a traditional Swiss cheese fondue and have a cheeky nip of locally-brewed kirsch.

Hamlets of Ski Heaven

We are giving you four of the best lesser-known resorts worth considering while going on a skiing holiday.


It’s known as the Swiss Army training base which is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful ski towns. It’s also one of Europe’s great untapped freeriding resorts.
Getting there:  Andermatt is at least 1.5hrs drive from Zürich or three very scenic hours by train,  It’s a German-speaking village.


Linking of the two resorts Arosa and Lenzerheide in late 2013, Opened the possibilities to advanced skiers to keep them engaged. Arosa and Lenzerheide are connected by the amazing aerial tramway on which the gondolas can be sent up independently from one another.
Getting there:  Arosa can be reached by car from Zürich in about 2.5hrs, it’s a German speaking town.


Switzerland-bound snowboarder's dream comes true by coming to Laax and the interconnected resorts of Flims and Falera. Vast off-piste areas, some decent tree riding – and of course skiing, the resort has all this to offer. Fast gondolas would whisk you up to the peaks faster.
Getting there: There is no train station in German-speaking Laax so you’ll need to take the train from Zürich to Chur or Ilanz and change onto a bus (around 2hrs).


If you are planning a ski holiday with kids, then charming Villars is a perfect resort for you. It has more than half a dozen ski schools and best of the slopes with lots of long, gentle blue pistes.
Getting there: Villars is a 1.5-hour drive from Geneva, or around 2.5hrs via train and is French-speaking region.

What Other Stuff You Can Do:

If you are not a ski lover then there are a variety of things which you can do at a ski resort. Let us give you three of those.

Snowshoeing:  It is a great way to go for a walk without worrying about sinking into the snow drifts, To go for snowshoeing you need a pair of winter boots. Most of the resorts offer poles, snowshoe rentals, and guided hikes.
Visit the nearby Towns and Villages: Plan some trips to nearby towns and villages to visit museums, cultural attractions, go shopping, and check out local events and festivals.
Sleigh Rides: Go for a romantic ride in a sleigh pulled by reindeers. These are available in many cold weather areas and are perfect for families or couples.

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