Reasons why, I think, traveling light is travelling right.

Author Sushant Published on February 17th 2020

The more I travel, the more I become convinced that it is more convenient to travel with less baggage. I actually love traveling light, and it is my aim to make my travel as simple as it can be and for that I now carry only the bare essentials with me. Though traveling light is a matter of personal preference, I have actually experienced the many advantages of it, during the course of my life as a traveler.

Saves Money: First things first, it’s about the money. You can actually save money if you carry less stuff with you. In the world of economic flights, passengers who carry extra baggage are often required to pay extra. With just a handbag by your side, you can be sure of two things. One, you don’t have to pay extra. Second, your items are all with you, and you don’t have to wait for your other bags once you are out of the plane, and you can straight away head to the taxi stand.

Physically convenient: It’s easy on your body and mind if you travel with a minimum luggage, holding only the essentials. Your hands and shoulders feel more comfortable and you can actually cover miles faster while walking during your travel. While your fellow travelers slog to reach the destination with their heavy bags and accessories, you can be sure to breeze past them with ease.

Less to worry about: Whenever you pack light, you might worry if you are missing something essential. The thing is, even if you forget something essential like toothbrush or deodorant they can be easily and cheaply replaceable. Having less space does not mean that you have left something essential behind; it just means you have packed your bags smartly. What’s more, if you are carrying multiple bags, you will always be thinking while traveling that you might be missing or forgetting something. With a less baggage, you can always keep it close to you, wherever you go. You can always keep an eye on it, so there’s probably less chance of it getting damaged or stolen. More bags simply mean more stuff to worry about.

Can be carried on your own: If you have less baggage, you will rely less on service people to carry them for you. If you have less baggage, you can easily carry them on your own and also save some money on tips.

Can carry things back: If we get to some new place and find something worth carrying back, we always calculate if we have the capacity to adjust them with our existing luggage or it would be a bit of a hassle. With less items in your bag, you can be sure you can carry few things back home with you if you want to.

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