Niagara – Thundering Waters

Author Sushant Published on July 11th 2018


Niagara in some native language means ‘thundering waters’. I would like to rename it as ‘Not enough’


My ill planned trip to the magnificent and thundering Niagara Falls compelled me to name it as ‘Not enough’.


The Majestic Niagara Falls


When I first enquired with one of my cousins about their itinerary to Niagara, I was advised to take an overnight bus from New York city, see the falls during the day and then again take an overnight bus back to NYC. That sounded overtly exhausting and just like a ‘tick in the box’, quite unlike my style of seeing a place. I usually immerse myself in the air, culture and environment of the place by experiencing things which are local, and reflect the essence of the place.


"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it."- Lao Tzu


I decided to stay overnight at Niagara and planned my trip to get at least a day and a half at Buffalo. Due to some flight glitches I reached post-midnight, which gave me only a day at the Falls. We decided to take an early morning walk around our hotel (Sheraton Niagara Falls, a short walking distance from the falls) and while exploring the parks chanced to see the sight which I can only explain as overwhelming. The falls, roaring like a lion chords, was a glorious sight and frankly a bit sudden. No amount of pictures, photographs of friends or information can do justice to seeing the Niagara falls in real. The only disappointment at that time was the cloudy weather and the drizzle. We rushed back to the hotel to wake up the kids and came back to maximise our time at the falls. Fortunately the weather had cleared up and the sun shone on the glistening blue green waters of river Niagara. This made the day spent at the falls even more regretful, as the plan of only a day became a bit remorseful.


The Rainbow Bridge- Connecting USA and Canada


If you love nature and enjoy all the beautiful things mother nature has to offer us, my advice is to plan at least 2 full days at this place if not more. The boat ride – ‘Maid of the Mist’ is prepossessing, the mist on your face is refreshing in the June sun. But the most enjoyable or rather spine chilling experience is the ‘Cave of the Winds’. If you have seen the 1953 Marilyn Monroe thriller ‘Niagara’, you will understand the apt metaphor of the overtly destructive power of the Falls and the feeling is more overpowering at the ‘’Cave of the Winds (under Bridal Veil Falls, on the American side of the falls). It became more of a game for the kids to prove their guts and stand under the falls (a 1/100th stream of the fall) for a longer time, I steered clear from any such provocations as my fear of water and the sheer thundering sound did not allow me to get under the strong rush of water.


 Aboard 'Maid of the Mist'


The walk around the river is mesmerizing and an ideal setting for a family picnic. I wish I had more time to spend here away from the city life. Maybe will plan a trip soon and preferably from Canada.


Turquoise Niagara river flowing between US & Canada


Just an interesting trivia, Niagara falls dried up in 1848 and the American side of the falls froze in 1911 (do read up on the web), although icing up in winters is a common phenomenon, the river and falls do not freeze completely. 


In all it was an incredible experience. It is definitely worth adding a visit to this majestic falls in your bucket list.


(Tips: Do try and stay close to the falls, plan for atleast 2 days here, Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds are a must do for a thrilling adventure, see the falls from both sides – America & Canada, do visit the outlet malls)



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