My One Day Trip to the Luxury Heaven Monte Carlo

Author Sushant Published on December 1st 2018

One day is enough to visit Monte Carlo. Phew, you can do it even in a few hours! If you are wondering how can I say this, let me tell you one thing- the entire state is barely 2 square kilometres. I visited Monte Carlo for a day and enjoyed the visit immensely. It is a perfect place for a day trip if you are on Mediterranean Cruise!

Why Monte Carlo is Considered as One of the Best Travel Destinations for Travellers & Those Who Want to Settle?


Monte Carlo


What I am about to tell you a thing which will leave you gawking. You can actually build a fortune in Monte Carlo and live a lavish life. The constitutional monarchy levies no personal tax income. Yes, you can build a business from the scratch here, even though the company registration is very difficult. The best part is that the unemployment rate is at 0% with approximately 50,000 workers who travel daily from France and Italy. Here, the poverty rate is the lowest in the world. Monaco has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world which makes it one of the best travel destinations in the world. Would you like to live here? I certainly would!


The Lavish Life in Monte Carlo


When the sun has set over the shining Mediterranean Sea, it's a great opportunity to take off and taste the Monte Carlo nightlife. This place wakes up around evening time, bragging an array of jazzy eateries, bars, clubs and clubhouse.

No outing to Monte Carlo would be completed without a visit to the incredibly famous casinos. The wonderful and luxurious Casino de Monte-Carlo is a historical landmark, host to the yearly Monaco Grand Prix parade and the backdrop to the world-famous movie series, James Bond. The Bar Salle Blanche is definitely worth a visit.

Another glam factor is Hotel De Paris. For several years, our favourite Monaco hotel has been the famous Hotel de Paris, which sits in the heart of Monaco facing the Place du Casino. This Belle Époque hotel, built in 1864, has been undergoing renovation since 2014.  Although some of the newly renovated rooms and suites were made available for the Grand Prix 2017, I could not stay there as the hotel is undergoing renovation and no traveller can stay until the renovation is completed in 2018.

Just around the corner of the Place du Casino is the Casino Café de Paris. This is a popular venue with Belle Époque décor. You will find an unbeatable range of slot machines.

How to Reach Monaco, Monte Carlo?

It doesn't matter how you reach there, once you arrive you will want to stay for a long time. Either way, there are two most popular modes which are widely used by travelers. As for me, I boarded Mediterranean Cruise. 

By Bus:



It is possible to get here by train from Nice (20 min, about 3.5 euros) but taking a bus no. 100 is much easier, despite the fact that the journey is 30 minutes longer. Mainly, the buses go from the centre of Nice (Boulevard Jean Jaurès) every 15 minutes and it costs only 1 euro one way. The bus drops you off in Monte Carlo, just by the famous James Bond’s casino and before that you can admire the lovely landscapes of the shore.


By Cruise:



If you are on the Mediterranean Cruise, then be mindful that you will experience the best journey of your life. The ship will dock at Nouvelle Digue De Monaco port and from there you can begin to explore Monte Carlo, Nice, France and other famous places.

One day in Monaco is enough. Enough for you to visit it and fall in love with it. Who knows, maybe you will come again? I felt sad about leaving this traveller heaven but it's just for now.


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