Life Lessons I Gained From Traveling Around The World?

Author Sushant Published on September 9th 2019

Visiting new places is all fun and frolic. But, it's only possible if you surrender yourself to the journey. I won't say you need to go out unplanned or with limited funds and live the hippy life (not a bad idea though). But, the real world is certainly outside the comfort zone and that's where you learn the much-needed life lessons.
So, I decided to share the 3 most significant lessons that I've learned while trekking, hiking, camping, roaming and doing all things so not me. Not all of those journeys were as beautiful as the Niagara Falls. But those were literally the Niagara Falls, the deeper you get into it, the more truths you unwrap - a life jacket is a must though! On one side, you see it while on the other side, you feel it. And, no matter how over-commercialized things could be, every second is worth it!

Coming to the lessons learned, here are those:

"Nature never goes out of style."

#1. I've fallen more in love with nature

Going all-prepared for those family outings and getting to see just the most popular tourist attractions can be your-thing. But when monotony kicked in, I discovered, this totally isn't my way of exploring. Until I didn't roam on the streets of Europe, went into seeking the undiscovered, lost my way and found an altogether new location - I didn't know the world was this big.

I fell in love with the valleys, mountains, sea, waterfalls, islands, caves, flora and fauna, glimmering stars, moonlight, the sound of birds and animals, sunset and sunrise, crowd and calm, dull and hot days, the flaws and the positives, in fact, everything. It truly made me believe that beauty breaks in everywhere but only if you know how to look for it! When you surrender yourself to the nature around you, only then, you will realise how big is the actual world and how minuscule part of it are we.


"We must all feel lucky to be ourselves."

#2. I don't want to mimic 'them'

One of my friends landed into a really high-paying job, so I tried my luck there. A cousin of mine bought an SUV, so I wanted a car even bigger. And, a neighbour had both his sons working outside the county, living a lavish life, so I had this sudden urge to give in all that it takes. Not that I didn't have the potential to achieve the desired but this really wasn't what I wanted. It was simply mimicking their lives and they weren't me.

It was only backpacking that taught me how reality is much ahead of those fashionable clothes, nice shoes, prim and proper lifestyle, a luxurious car, spring mattresses, office politics, gossips, anger, ego, jealousy, and what-not. You learn to rely on essentials, find happiness even in the little things and you know the stuff you needed back in your home isn't necessary anymore. It makes you rightly understand how to manage practical responsibilities in the most rational way. You no more live the life of others and develop a connection true to yourself.

"Being a traveller and not a tourist is the key!"

#3. My circle isn't limited to just a few

Of course, there are those 2-3 people I feel especially bonded with. But traveling taught me not to limit my circle. When you are more patient with people, accept kindness, wave off your ego, understand cultural differences, make friends with strangers, try new cuisines, listen to new music, save to splurge, face your fears, smile more, solve your problems, adapt real quick and embrace spontaneity, that's when you literally free yourself from the rules and forget about the plans. You are aware of a world you never knew existed. There are people you know from all around the world. You've shared the vibe and built the greatest connection with them.
Probably, the most valuable lesson that comes from traveling is that I am more potent than my beliefs and what I ever thought about myself! After all, it's not about visiting Vietnam, for instance. It's about the flight tickets, visa, documents, packing bags, living in a hostel, hiking, managing expenses, making friends and breathing nature. The journey teaches you all!
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