Feed Your Pizza-Hungry Soul at 6 Best Places in Italy

Author Sushant Published on November 1st 2018

Pizza was created by 11 June 1889, Neapolitan pizzamaker Raffaele Esposito to represent the national colours of Italy as on the Italian flag. If you visit Italy and don't lay your hands on the best pizzas, you are missing out a lot. 


Here are 6 Best Places in Italy Where You Can Feast on Best Pizzas

I have listed 6 places which serve the yummiest pizzas in the world. 

1. Naples: 


It's really difficult to get an awful pizza in Naples, yet on the off chance that you are craving for a genuinely lip-smacking pizza—the world's best food, as indicated by numerous local people—go to Di Matteo. It's been open since 1936, and however it offers table service, the majority of its business occurs in the city, as tourists rapidly swap a bunch of euro for a crisp out-of-the-stove pizza waiting to be devoured. Try not to miss the pizza fritta, a ricotta and provolone cheddar pizza that is pan-fried. Trust me, I Could feel my taste buds dancing when I went there. 


2. Pizzeria da Albert, Trento


In spite of the fact that their recipes are Neopolitan, the pizzas at Pizzeria da Albert are definitely not run of the mill. Made by Alberto Pagliani—Italy's best pizzaolo as indicated by Italian gastronomy book of scriptures Gambero Rosso—every pizza emphatically abounds with garnishes, from the Lucia (zesty salami, purple onions, piquillo peppers, and three kinds of cheddar) to the Summer (fish, olives, escapades, new basil, mozzarella). Just a tip: Pizzeria da Albert does not take reservations, so come well before opening time (twelve on weekdays; 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays) on the off chance that you would prefer not to get stuck in line. 


3. Ai Marmi, Rome


This pizzeria is popular as Panattoni, but it's better-known as  Ai Marmi (marbles) after its marble counters. It has cafeteria-style seats for its customers and is permanently packed. However, don't let its demeanour fool you; the pizza is so yummy that you won’t even bother. Ai Marmi serves traditional Roman-style pizza, with a thin, charred, crisp crust and a cheesy, sauce-laden core. The most popular pizzas are the Margherita and the salsiccia e fior di zucca topped with sausage and zucchini blossoms.


4. Mamma Rosa, Ortezzano



Mamma Rosa was as of late named the best pizzeria in Marche by the Italian gastronomy book of scriptures Gambero Rosso, and no big surprise: Its Neopolitan-style pizzas are ultra-fresh, have thin hull and flawlessly stretchy batter finished with crisp garnishings. All of Mamma Rosa's pizzas are divinely yummy, yet the champions are the Sorriso (a conventional Margherita with the expansion of red chilies and anchovies) and the Lucifero (finished with hot salami and hot peppers). 


5. Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, Naples



This pizzeria was named Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente—the pizza of the president—after President Bill Clinton broadly ceased in for a pie in 1994. Situated in the core of Naples' centro storico (and right down the square from Di Matteo), the pies here are traditionally Neapolitan: uncooked, delicate and flexible, with a fresh hull. They will make any sort of pizza you need, yet the commonly available pizzas- marinara (tomato, garlic, oregano) and Margherita (tomato, cut mozzarella, basil) still rule.


6. L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples



Though most of the pizzerias on this list are fairly no-frills, Pizzeria da Michele is a purist delight in every way. It has minimal decor and no-reservation policy, and it only serves two pizzas- marinara and Margherita. However, its tried and tested formula that has been winning the taste buds since 1906 continues to be applauded by many. This place is popularly known as the home of “the world’s best pizza.”

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