Checklist for Your First Travel Abroad

Author Sushant Published on June 7th 2019

The joy of creating new memories, the thrill of unexpected and the sheer excitement of stepping into a new country for the first time can bring out many emotions. We all look forward to a different kind of adventure on our first foreign trip but it comes with challenges and a lot of other hindrances.
There is a lot to consider when traveling abroad than just leaving early for the airport. Planning is the key to making your trip a little simpler. Everything should be listed out in advance. Right from changing your currency, booking a hotel room, the earlier you plan, the better will be your travelling experience.


Here is an ultimate checklist for your first travel abroad:


 1. Study up about the place you are visiting.

Whether you research on a travel app or have a guidebook, having some source knowledge about the destination is a must. Read about the destination in advance so you have insight and have all the required information. You may even have a question after all the reading like money conversion, local food, weather, clothing and cultural/legal customs, so this is the time when you also find answers to all your little questions.


 2. Keep your documents easily accessible

Overseas travelling includes a lot of booking and paperwork that come handy time and again. Keep a soft copy and a hard copy for all your documents right from flight tickets, hotel bookings, visa and your passport. For safety sake, you should always scan your documents and keep a copy of it on your phone to avoid problems in a foreign land.


3. Financial preparations for your travel

Look up the money conversions to make your international travel smooth. There are several choices for carrying money outside including cash, international cash cards and credit cards. In most countries, there is a limitation on how much cash you can carry, make sure you are within the prescribed limits. It is important to plan your expenses beforehand and cut cost wherever possible by avoiding overspending.


4. Carrying Familiar Medicines

Carrying essential medicines is very important because different countries have different policies when it comes to buying medicines. Therefore it is advisable to carry your own set of medicines and a doctor’s prescription, just to be safe.


  5. Make your bookings well in advance

One should be well prepared while going to a foreign land. Advance booking is the biggest hack to cut down your cost on international trips. Whether it is flight bookings or hotel bookings, last-minute bookings always cut a hole in the pocket. Be sure about your travel dates and have your bookings confirmed well in advance.


6. Be prepared for Language barriers

Communication is one of the major barriers when you are visiting a country that is non-English speaking. Having a translation book or an app is a must in such cases. So make sure you are prepared and know some basic words in the local language.
Wherever you are headed, you are going to have a great time! Make sure you have your activities planned out beforehand and you have everything important packed in your luggage. As a traveller meet new people and explore new cultures.

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