Alfred Escher Memorial Monument in Zurich

Author Sushant Published on May 3rd 2019

A few months ago, I planned a tour of Zurich, and it was my first solo trip to this place. No doubt that Zurich is the best place for tourists as they can find many stunning places to explore, but for me, the prime choice was something connected to history.

While exploring the internet before my tour, I learned about the Alfred Escher memorial monument in Zurich. This memorial monument is located at Central Station in Zurich, so it was easier to locate the place for me. I took my flight to the nearby airport and then public transport service brought me to the location.

With years of experience, I know that a historical visit is incomplete without taking help from a professional tourist guide. They know the interesting facts about such historical sites, and I always love to ask more and more details during visits. I was lucky enough to find a knowledgeable guide this time as well, and he told me that Alfred Escher memorial monument in Zurich was created somewhere in 1889 by Richard Kissling; famous sculptor of that era. It was created as an honor and tribute to Alfred Escher, a renowned politician of that time who also served as a railway entrepreneur in his lifetime. I also learned that Alfred Escher lived from 1819 to 1882 and during his lifetime, he left a memorable impression on the public.

At Alfred Escher memorial monument in Zurich, a realistic statue of Alfred Escher is placed above a fountain. The view was quite spectacular & I spent around an hour to look at it and intricacy of the artwork. Each and every part of the sculpture is designed with utmost beauty, and it depicts the sincere efforts of the artist. All the statues created around are also beautiful and impressive.

Alfred Escher memorial monument in Zurich is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the city, and you will definitely find lots of tourists at this place. I must tell you that you can reach this place with ease as it is well connected to all large stations and airports. So, if you are visiting Zurich in upcoming summer holidays, spare some time to explore the beauty of Alfred Escher memorial monument in Zurich.

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