A Trip to Chamonix, Mont Blanc

Author Sushant Published on April 11th 2020

The snow-capped peaks and the rugged mountain ranges of the Alps are some of the most stunning places I've ever seen. Winter sports enthusiasts from around the world gather here to experience some of the most extreme tracks. And while all the Alpine regions are beautiful, Chamonix can be easily said to be the favourite among the tourists from all around the world. Here are some of the places worth visiting and activities worth indulging in Chamonix, Mont Blanc
A spectacular sight to behold, Mont-Blanc is the highest peak of the Alps mountain range and is a part of French-Italy border. It’s often referred to as ‘White mountain’ because it’s on such a high altitude that regardless of the season, it is always covered with snow. For me, it was a great experience just to view the snow-clad mountain peaks from a distance, however, experienced climbers who can climb to the top of Mont Blanc, describe it as extremely strenuous.
I decided to take a hike around the place. There are many options for easy to intermediate hiking around Mont Blanc. Unless you are here to challenge your limits, I would suggest taking up an easy trail that lets you take a gentle walk and at the same time, lets you admire gorgeous scenery around. While on your trail, you might also want to stop at some traditional alpine huts for refreshments. 

Panoramic Mont-Blanc Cable Car
This aerial tramway runs from Chamonix, across the border to Italy, traversing across the Alps range and provides a 360-degree view of the mountains around. Unlike any of my other cable car experience, journey across the glaciers was a sight to behold.  The view of the glacier and the valley below and around us was incredible.
In the safety of the cable car, it will take you to the blue and white surroundings of high mountain terrain and one can also view groups of roped climbers scaling the glaciers. And don’t forget to carry your binoculars.

Mont Blanc Tramway
It is the highest train route in France. The extensive views of Mont Blanc and adjacent mountains make it popular with tourists. The Tramway at Mont Blanc offers a classic experience for visitors who just want to lay back and admire the scenery. Tourists can admire the scenery of pastures and forests as the tramway ascends to Bellevue at a height of  1,900 meters. Here, at Bellevue and you can take a scenic walk around the pastures. This stop offers exceptional views, and it also has an elegant restaurant with good food and a pleasant ambience.

Chamonix Village
Chamonix was discovered by two English aristocrats, who were enchanted by this charming alpine village surrounded by awesome snow-covered mountains. The train now allows visitors an easy way to arrive at Chamonix in winter, making it a popular winter sports destination.
Reflecting its history, Chamonix architecture is a mix of traditional and modern. The types of accommodation available here include luxurious modern hotels, and at the same time, also some rustic country lodges. This place is known for its upscale atmosphere and fancy boutiques. The village also offers some top-rated restaurants-from casual cafes to the more sophisticated ones offering fine dining. To have an authentic experience, I would suggest trying out the regional cuisine at a welcoming Inn or a local farm.

Skiing in the Alps
The tradition of skiing was originated from the Alps. It’s a lifestyle and a revered pastime here. To ski near Mont Blanc, I would suggest you hire a guide. The ski season here runs from December to April. You will find some of the toughest terrains to ski here. So the skiing and snowboarding here are not for the faint of heart. But the good news is that you can find different areas for different levels of skiers.


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