5 Traditional Dutch Foods Which Will Leave You Amazed

Author Sushant Published on September 13th 2018

When I stepped in Amsterdam, little did I know that this place will sweep me off my feet. The city of warm-hearted people is an absolute charmer. Perhaps, this is the same reason it is always on the list of travellers. Cold climate, nearness to the vast blue sea, and sense of adventure have made the Dutch what they are – skilful farmers and industrious seafarers. Not only that, they are people with the taste for life and hearty meals. Trying different cuisines is an integral part of travelling. The Dutch cuisine is a reflection of their lifestyle and free spirit.  If you are at confused when it comes to choosing the dishes, I will list top 5 best foods which you must try the moment you end up in Amsterdam. Trust me, you won't be able to resist these mouth-watering Dutch foods. 


1. Stroopwafels: 



I fell in love with stroopwafels in the first bite itself. That's why it is at the top of my list. Apart from an interesting name, it is a big hit among travellers. 
The best-known Dutch sweet, stroopwafels comprise of two thin waffle-like wafers with a sticky, sweet stroop with a sort glue-like syrup spread in the middle. Said to have originated in the late eighteenth or mid-nineteenth century in Gouda, this sweet began life as a poor man's treat. It is ordinarily made using flour, margarine, milk, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon) that is spread on a waffle press and slathered with a simple jam and-dark coloured sugar-based syrup. It would be a mistake not to have it while touring Amsterdam.  


2. Appletaart: 


Conventional Dutch appeltaart has a sweet cakey mixture on the base and edges, with a tasty topping. The apple cuts in the filling are saturated with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. Regular apple assortments used in appeltaart recipes are Elstar, Gala and Goudreinet.  As a lover of unique foods, I absolutely loved the cinnamon flavour coupled with a citrusy and sweet taste. It was hard for me to stop eating it. In fact, I ate three in a row. It was just so good! 

3. Chocoladeletter: 



The chocoladeletter is a Dutch sweet made of chocolate as a letter. It is a fun delicacy that is regularly sold around the season of Sinterklaas festivities in the Netherlands. Chocoladeletters are given as blessings at Sinterklaas, the Dutch festival of Sint Nicolaas toward the beginning of December. The most exciting part is that you can have it made in the shape of your initials. This is a must-have gift for your loved ones. This sweet has a certain charm to it. After all, who wouldn't like a personalised gift? My taste buds exploded when I tried it first. It is perhaps one of the best sweets I have ever had in my life. I grabbed some for my family members too. 


4. Oorlog fries: 


When you visit Amsterdam, you should visit Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx and request the oorlog fries. You will be given a thick cone loaded up with custom-made hot fries, topped with mayonnaise, nut sauce and raw onion. I must say that after just a single cone you will be hooked forever! I ate four cones in a row; it was just so yummy. It's unquestionably something worth eating in Amsterdam every single time. 

5. Gouda Cheese or Dutch Cheese: 



Gouda cheese as a hard cheese goes astonishingly well with beer and red wines. The taste of Vintage or Aged Gouda gets a new definition when you pair it with white wines or any fruity wine. Once you taste it, it's guaranteed that you will crave for it even more. What's more? I ended up eating it in a loop because of its incredible taste. I am sure that I will dream of it as well. This aged cheese indeed won me over! 

The cuisine of any country is a perfect way to feel their culture and way of living. The list is inexhaustible; hence, I listed only five which I liked the most.  There's more coming as my wanderlust takes me to places.

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