4 things in Dubai that will amaze first time visitors

Author Sushant Published on February 25th 2019

Whether it’s your first time in Dubai or you visit Dubai frequently, the city is going to amaze you in one or another way as it’s a changing city. Everyday Dubai is coming up with something new to amaze the travelers.

I have made a list of four things which are surely going to amaze the first time visitors.

1: The Burj Khalifa

Don’t miss to visit the tallest building in the world, when you visit Dubai. Burj Khalifa is the modern architectural wonder which also derives its design from Islamic Architecture. Construction was started in 2004 and opened in 2010 for the public. One definitely wants to visit the observation deck, there are two decks first on the 124th floor and second on the 148th floor. Once you are that height, you can see the curvature of the earth. The elevator of Burj Khalifa covers the distance of 10 meters in one second, this building has everything a tourist wants to visit Burj Khalifa and get amazed.

2: The Dubai Mall

“The Dubai Mall” has 10 major world records in its name, one being the largest mall in the world. With hundreds of restaurants and cafes, cinema halls, shops, and other attractions, you would see the entire world here. You would find people from across the globe are roaming in the mall as if an international event going on.

It also houses the famous Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, children go crazy after seeing so many marine animals at one place, to keep the children entertained one can visit the VR park too for laser shows and other activities related to virtual reality.

3: The Dubai Fountain

If something is to be called majestic then it has to be “The Dubai Fountain”, the world’s largest choreographed fountain.  Fountain nozzles can shoot water as high as 500 feet in the air, best of the music, best of the lights, best of the laser effects, The Dubai Fountain would leave you awestruck in admiration. Performance duration is 30 minutes and timing are 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, then 6 PM to 10 PM everyday on weekdays and 6 PM to 11 PM on weekends.

4: Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah is one of those beautiful beaches which Dubai has to offer you. It’s a white sand beach named after Jumeirah district of Dubai. Beach is lined with multi-cuisine restaurants, luxury hotels, and other recreational activity points.  There are many parks and gardens along the beach, the famous Burj Al Arab hotel is also situated along the beach.
When to go there: Best time to visit the beaches of Dubai is March/April or October/November summer months it gets very hot. Jumeirah beach is open all seven days from 7.30 Am to 10.00 PM but Monday 7.30 am to 5.30 pm has been reserved for women and children only.

How to reach there: 
By Taxi:  A taxi ride from the Bur Juman district up to the beach takes an average time of 8 minutes and costs around $10- $13. The average fare is fixed for all the taxis running on this route which saves the hassle of bargaining.
By Metro and Taxi: Board onto a metro up to the Emirates Tower station, which takes an average time of 7- 8 minutes and costs an estimated amount of $1- $2. From there, hire a taxi up to the Jumeirah Beach for  $8- $10. The journey takes around 6- 7 minutes.
By Uber: The journey takes the same average time of 8 minutes just as a normal taxi but costs a minimum of $6-$7.

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