10 Powerful Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is Worth It!

Author Sushant Published on June 29th 2019

Exploring unknown destinations all alone has its own pros and cons. It's fun, it's tough also exhausting but a brilliant experience. Traveling solo changes your perspective. It helps develop the necessary skills. You move forward and away from toxic relationships, paths that block your energy and things that don't challenge you.


Why Travel Solo?


1. To Find Yourself.

Some people agree some don't, but I definitely feel a connection growing with myself on every solo trip that I take. I know myself better. I understand my obligations, get better at decision making yet also fail miserably so many times. But, most importantly, solo traveling helps you ditch the comfort zone and face whatever's coming your way.


2. To Make New Friends.

Believe me, the friends I've made while on my solo trips, they are now a family. Of course, you'll not always encounter familiar or pleasing personalities anywhere you go, but that's all a part of identifying the real ones.

3. For The Sheer Freedom Of It.

Mark my words, it's a liberating experience. You do whatever you want to - it's your way or no way. A personalized itinerary, a room that's all yours, no unnecessary drama and in fact no decorum to maintain which is a must while you’re in a company. There's only one code of conduct - travel and travel for your mind, body, and soul.


4. It Boosts Your Confidence.

When you backpack solo, it changes you in and out. It starts with convincing your loved ones why you want to go solo and how you'd manage. Eventually, you learn to face your fears, develop patience, get more willing and open, understand other people's opinions, test your capabilities, read a map, learn new languages and communicate better. You come back home being an ace of spades.


5. Because It Isn't A Big Deal.

I used to be someone who couldn't even eat out alone or watch a movie without friends. Relatable, right? But, don't you think it's so much better to be able to wander without having to request others to accompany you? It literally opens up hundreds of possibilities. Plus it’s easier than most of us think!

6. To Feel The Uniqueness.

Solo traveling isn't all that glorious and magical. You wake up to an empty room. There's no one to talk to or eat with. It’s a strange place, no backup, overwhelming emotions and that sense of insecurity - it can be unpleasant. But, that's what you need to accept. It isn't about being lonely but being alone and knowing how to deal with these unique experiences. Trust me, the sooner you get over these, the more you'll enjoy.

7. It Makes You Thankful.

Traveling solo changes you in innumerable ways. You might be weighed down in your daily life, but traveling opens up your eyes. You learn to appreciate what's there, you learn to be thankful for what you've gotten yourself out of and you stop taking things or people for granted. You focus more on the positives. I always feel grateful for the things I have and also do my bit on the way for people who don't.

8. It's Relaxing.

When traveling is your escape plan, it's both adventurous and rejuvenating. You're being in the moment, making memories, celebrating and having a time-out from the mundane.

9. It's Cool.

Traveling solo wasn't even a thing a few years back. It's a recent trend and a trend that's growing massively, especially for women. Be it for that perfect Insta picture, for your Facebook page or just to be the coolest one in your gang – the experience is one of a kind. Plus, you have tonnes of stories to tell.

10. It's Educational.

I learn so much about the different cultures, currencies, politics, economy, cities, cuisine, etc. It's like a hands-on travel exam.

Tell me in the comments below what are your thoughts on traveling solo. Knowing different perspective is totally my thing!

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