10 Best Places To Visit Around The Globe Even On A Small Wallet

Author Sushant Published on August 26th 2019

International travel is fascinating. But, it comes along several misconceptions. Here I'd like to bust one of those - traveling abroad isn't too expensive. Visa policies, airfare, accommodation, food, transportation, number of passengers, etc. affect your expenses. But moreover, your actual expenses depend on whether you're planning the trip on your own or going through an agency. Presenting you the 10 best budget-friendly destinations to visit anytime.

1. Nepal


Nepal can be your #1 choice. Flights are cheap, hotels aren't expensive, transportation is easier and package tours are even better. If you’re traveling from India, you don’t require a visa. It's a beautiful place and Zoostel accommodations are great when you're on a budget.

2. Vietnam


Known for its culture and scenic beauty, Vietnam is one of the cheapest places to travel from India. Sightseeing, wildlife/ island tours, and local market shopping are go-to options. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are the must-visit cities. Not only can you relish premium restaurant delicacies but also savor your taste buds with the street food. To know more about Vietnam, check out my Vietnam blog here.

3. Bhutan

There’s everything for everyone in Bhutan. It’s also known as the happiest country in the world. And, Indian tourists don't require a visa. Flights are cheap and you can easily get budget-friendly accommodations. Adventure sports or a Himalayan tour are the most preferred activities here, by the tourists.

4. Thailand

Thailand needs no introduction, especially when you want to go easy on your pocket. We all know what this destination has to offer. Trekking, diving, clubbing, beaches, shopping, and spa are amongst the diverse options you can choose from. Thailand is known for its nightlife and if you're a backpacker, don’t miss it!

5. Indonesia

It’s amongst the most preferred tourist places - you can totally find your thing here. Thailand offers inexpensive water sports, you can relax at the beaches, go snorkeling, take safari rides or visit the monkey forest. Accommodation (hotels/ hostels) too isn't costly. Yes, Thailand is more of a honeymoon destination, but it's a tourist magnet and attracts a massive footfall every time.

6. Egypt

Accommodation isn't expensive, flights are affordable and you've to apply for a visa beforehand. It's a mesmerizing yet a budget-friendly country. It's an exotic land full of mysteries and rich history. Egypt is my personal favorite since there's a lot to see and do. Also, Arab countries offer a unique traveling experience. The environment feels tranquil, the local markets are great, adventure activities are immense and pyramids are a must-visit attraction.

7. Kazakhstan

Not everyone considers going to such off-beat destinations, but that's where the true, untouched, beauty lies. If you love to travel all planned and to popular places, you may have your priorities set straight. But, on the other hand, Kazakhstan is no less. The locals are welcoming and overall it's a hospitable country. You can also travel to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan or Russia if time and your budget allow.

8. Cambodia

It's an iconic backpacking destination which is also ideal for solo trips. Transportation cost is inexpensive, food is cheap, accommodation is reasonable and the visa fee is also affordable.
9. Sri Lanka

Mesmerizing beaches, historic monuments, mouth-watering seafood, city bustle, and tranquil hill stations - this land has a lot. Flight tickets are affordable, street food will cut your hotel food cost to half and adventure activities will keep you involved throughout.

10. Malaysia

It’s full of Asia in the true sense and an affordable option. You can see the mountains, forests, multi-ethnic culture, feel the city vibe, connect with the locals and experience a variety in cuisine. 
Let me know how you find these places. Also, comment below if you have any more suggestions or experience to share. I'd love to hear from you!

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