A First-Timers Guide to Eating in London

Author Sushant Published on October 29th 2019

London is a great cosmopolitan city with a rich history and buzzing food scenes. Travelers are always looking for places where the locals go, especially when it comes to restaurants. They offer appetizing attractions: excellently prepared, regionally-sourced farm-to-table food, friendly and knowledgeable service, stylish décor and rooms buzzing with English accents.
Some of such great places are:

Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero is an ideal spot to stop and enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a bite to eat. You can find a Caffe Nero almost anywhere. They have nice seating areas, indoor & out. The interiors are nicely done; the coffee and pastries are awesome! It is a place with very high-quality coffee and serves as neighborhood meeting spots.

Bombay Rotti

BOMBAY ROTTI is an Indian eatery that brings pure Indian food experience with a modern approach to taste through rolls, Indian Burritos & other popular street food. Using uniquely flavorsome and nutritious ingredients, the food will take you on a journey through the colorful streets of Bombay.
The presentation of food is excellent and the interior will remind you of Mumbai. They have incorporated a lot of little things about Mumbai's life which is well displayed on walls. The tea at this place is a perfect mixture of masala and chai. This place offers a great delicious and fresh meal.

Goddards at Greenwich

No trip to Greenwich is complete without a meal at Goddards, one of London's oldest pie and mash shops. Goddards at Greenwich serves London’s most traditional meal of pie mash and liquor. This meal can be traced back to the 1800s and is an important part of London’s food history.
Goddards is a wonderful old fashioned cafe with down to earth prices. The tasteful green paintwork and little tables are exactly as they should be. On your visit to London, you must try Goddards at least once.
It's open every day serving handmade steak, chicken, vegetable and fruit pies that are baked throughout the day.

Harrods Food Hall

The Food Halls at Harrods is not only fun as a dining option but also beautiful and enjoyable as a museum. They have a Victorian touch to space, with peacocks and painted ceilings. Elegance and comfort combined with exquisite service make you feel exactly where you are in London. The food is so interesting, varied, and beautifully displayed that sweets weren’t the only source of fascination.
If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ve come to the right place, whether you’re looking for more traditional treats like marzipan or Turkish delight, or prefer cupcakes or whoopie pies in exotic flavors like coconut mango or strawberries and cream. You can spend a lot of time exploring the fish counter with its ice sculptures and shimmering scales and there are several counters from where you can also see how your food is being prepared. 

Brighton Palace Pier

One of the oldest and most impressive piers in the UK, Brighton's famous landmark has evolved into a destination on its own. It has a waterfront theme park with rides, restaurants, arcades, and activities.

Try their fabulous fish and chips cooked to perfection, sit down inside or take away and walk along the pier, but just watch out for those seagulls! You can't get much more of the British seaside experience than eating fresh fish and chips at the end of Brighton Pier. 
Much of Brighton Pier's original Victorian charm remains intact. You'll find old kiosks, filigree ironwork and even cannon from the Chair Pier. Brighton Pier is a wonderful combination of traditional British architecture and lively modern entertainment.
Despite what some may argue, there’s no lack of a good meal in this city! In London, you can pretty much get whatever cuisine you are looking for, which wholly embodies the wonderful melting pot of cultures.

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