“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

Hi Guys! This is Sushant Bhasin, a corporate guy and Indian travel blogger who got an inspiration to travel from some of the popular Indian travel bloggers. I am leading a normal life like any of you and working hard to gain a social and financial standing. After I came across one of the top travel blogs, I had my first solo trip about 25 years back to Hong Kong and that is when my love for travelling acquired a new meaning. The beauty of that place left me enchanted and my love for traveling turned into my passion..

I kept going on best vacations to fulfil mystrong desire to travel and started documenting them on my travel blog. If you are new and passionate about travelling, then I insist you to go through the best travel blog which captures the beauty of landscapes and cultures in detail.

I love travelling a lot that I travel the world after taking 2-3 odd week breaks in a year, which brought out the unexplored thing in me.I always looked for a unique experience at a new place and most importantly beating the mundane routine. My aim is to travel throughout the world and carve my own niche among top and popular travel bloggers in India.

Before I started my own travel blog, I was always excited about traveling to the famous travel destinations in the world. I must say that reading top travel blogs helped me a lot. Best travel blog are those which ignite the wanderlust in someone who has never travelled before. Following in their footsteps, I was determined to document my travel experiences in my travel blog and help other people by giving them travel tips, tricks, hacks and lots of useful information.